A weekly sci-fi web comic by HdE

Letters page

Welcome to BRAINWAVES, the Broken Goddess Athena letters page. If you want to send a letter, questions or even wild and baseless accusations for HdE to consider, feel free to mail them to bgamailbox@gmail.com – please mark all emails with the subject header ‘LETTERS TO BGA’. All correspondence will be considered for inclusion in possible print editions of the comic.

Without further ado, here’s our first set of missives!

Anthony D Lee writes:

Dear Athena,
Hello, love. I am seeing your picture and I am send this message in hopes that you will love me too. Plesae click through to my private space where I can being to share with you my private pictures. I wanting to know you better love. Signed

Thanks, Anthon – uhh… Pietro?  Hm. Something seems off here. I can’t quite place what. But, whatever, I think I’ll decline. I’m sure you’re lovely, and it’s not you, it’s me. Sometimes, people just aren’t compatible, and we all have to follow our hearts. Also, please stop asking for my bank details.


Sara writes:

Holy cow you’re awesome! Great story and art so far… really feels like the first scene in a big budget sci-fi movie!

Well, people do say that about me.

But seriously – glad you’re digging it so far!


Ringlefinch the Tosserlad writes:

Pretty cool, man. Pretty f*****’ cool. When’s issue 2 out?

June, man. F*****’ June.


Ian Pyett writes:

Dear crew of the Athena, how do you feel about that gorram fool Reynolds and his rag-tag group of misfits getting all the cargo jobs?

O-ho! Firefly comparison, eh? Well, it’d be no contest, Ian. Joshua’s hair is way more awesome than Mal’s, and Hanna could snap Zoe in half just by looking at her. The jury’s out on how Diggs would get along with Serenity’s crew, though. I have a feeling he’d find himself coming unstuck somewhere between Inara, River and Kaylee, somehow… the filthy little lech!

And that’s our lot for this go ’round! Thanks everybody. Look out for another set of letters at the end of chapter 2!



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